Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Updates for the AZS Community at this time.

Update to the AZS Community on Coronavirus/COVID-19

Dear AZS Family,

We are sure that many are wondering how the new guidelines set out by our Governor for re-opening houses of worship will affect how and when AZS opens again.

We would like to state a few things to you which we hope will answer your questions and thoughts:

1) Re-opening AZS is not imminent, even if allowed by the State;

2) We will need to modify or even eliminate many things in our service once we do re-open (these MAY include no singing, no oneg or kiddush; having temperatures taken at the door before entering; no spoken repetitive readings; no hugging; sitting six feet apart, etc.); 

3) We will need additional supplies and equipment prior to re-opening;

4) We will need to put together a plan and guidelines that we all will adhere to regarding procedures;

5) We may need to take out additional insurance, which will be an additional expense;

6) We will need to coordinate with Risen in order to accomplish all this;

The Board is reviewing the COVID-19 guidance document issued by the State for Houses of Worship, but it will still be quite a while before we all will meet together again in person.

Hold tight! 

Yours in Yeshua,

Melissa Moskowitz