About Us

Who we are, where we come from, and where we're headed as a synagogue family

Who we are:

Founded in 1973, Ahavat Zion has been located in Tarazana, Encino, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica, California, promoting a vision of Jewish life renewed in Messiah Yeshua, that is biblically faithful, tradition-honoring, egalitarian, and engaging.

We are now living on the internet as “Ahavat Zion Messianic Synagogue: Your Online Alternative.” What does this mean for you?

Why we exist:

We exist to serve people everywhere who seek to understand, advance, and experience our vision and communal life. Some will be curious inquirers, others will be those who see themselves stranded, unable to connect with Messianic Jewish community in their area. By design, ours is a Jewish community. However, others have always found a home here.

What we offer:

Our main event most weeks is our participatory Online Shabbat Service beginning at 10 AM Pacific Time. We have other communal events as well, linked to holy days and other special occasions.


We offer rigorous Bible teaching through our midweek meeting, “The Brainy Bunch,” and stay connected with each other through our weekly e-letter, The Torch, and by other means.

What are our services like?

  • Participatory - We invite you to be participants, not just spectators. As we like to say, “We’re Here For You.”
  • Liturgical - We use traditional liturgy to inform and inflame our spiritual lives as worshippers and servants of the God of Israel.
  • Using Old and New Music – You will find songs you know and others you do not, all helping you to warmly worship God. Our rabbi is a well-known song-writer.
  • Practical Teaching - Always life-oriented and transformational.


We have great people. We’d love to add you!

Where are we heading?

We believe in face-to-face relational spirituality. As our numbers grow, where possible, we will seek to facilitate the development of local havurot, mirroring the example of the earliest believers who “met daily in the Temple and from house to house.” As in all matters, we seek to follow the leading of God, working hardest on the things he appears to be blessing.